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arp: collaborates on individual artistic projects, as well as all round based, both with artists and art institutions.


We currently work with Rossella Biscotti, David Bergé, Hans Bryssinck, Luanda Casella, Cinemaximiliaan, Lieven De Boeck, Alexis Destoop, Effi & Amir, Enough Room for Space & Picha, Philippine Hoegen, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Hans van Houwelingen, Annalena Fröhlich & Fuhnyue Gao, Ilan Manouach, Sofia Caeser, Nccfn, David Weber-Krebs, ...


Effi & Amir

Places of Articulation

For their newest film Places of Articulation, Effi & Amir focus on language and articulation as an inner border.   


arp: was the research partner 

in the development phase, edited/

translated the successful

application for the VAF and are 

following & coordinating the production of the film.


David Weber-Krebs

general support, 
development & production

arp: supports David Weber-Krebs on an ongoing base in all 

elements of his artistic practice: research,development, application, production, communication and 



Hans van Houwelingen

general support, 

development & production

associative research project Tussen Blauwe Golven en Groene Corridor, with the iconic work of Peter Struycken as its protagonist.

arp: consults on various research projects and is concerned with the productional coordination of the work.


Annalena Fröhlich & Fhunyue Gao


Sonder explores the in between 

state of things, when everything is on hold for a disaster that is 

about to occur but never happens. 


arp: supports the further development of the piece and their further creations as well as their production and distribution. We co-wrote the successful application for a development fund of the Kanton Berne (CH).

FILM STILL 1_edited.jpg

Luanda Casella

Short of Lying

Short of Lying is a storytelling performance about deception. It’s a project about the relationships between the rhetoric strategies used by bullshitters and unreliable narrators.


arp:will be a strategic and conceptual partner in the distribution of this work and the development of the next project.



Nccfn Collection 19

NCCFN is a network of upcoming fashion designers and artists that rethink the sustainability of fashion industry and its current production chains.


arp: co-wrote the successful application for development funds of the Berner Design Stiftung and will be a sparing partner for the new collection and its conceptual strategies.


Rossella Biscotti

The City


The City is the result of a long term research project that visits Çatalhöyük, a 9,000-year-old neolithic archeological site, recognized as the earliest urban development, to reflect on the society that is being dug up, and the society that is doing the digging.


arp: supports the artist with the production of a single screen film of the project and the research. 

Other than that, we take care of the archive of Rossella and her studio in Brussels. 


Enough Room for Space & Picha



On-Trade-Off is an artistic research around the metal Lithium, initiated by the artists run initiatives Enough Room for Space (Brussels, BE) and Picha (Lumumbashi, DRCongo). 

arp: will support the organisations in structuring and managing the project 

PastedGraphic-2 copy_edited.jpg

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann

Portrait of a Landscape 


To realise Portrait of a Landscape the artist walked 2700 km to realise as many one min video’s of the most picturesque country in the world...


arp: supports the artist with the production of a publication with MER Paper Kunsthalle.


Ilan Manouach



Shapereader is a community-specific tactile constructed language designed to open access for the visually impaired. It is also a call and action for more diverse and inclusive aesthetic experiences, and the imagination and realization of such a possibility.  


arp: is partner for the development of a research trajectory in Brussels and Flanders, in collaboration with the Vooruit and other partners.

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