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arp: is a research- and production platform that supports, develops and mediates artistic projects in close collaboration with artists and institutions. By mutualizing a broad diversity of skills and professional knowledge, we strive for sustainable practices and high quality productions, both for ourselves, the artists and the art institutions we work with.

arp: spans from advising and strategic coaching to the realisation of complete, nail to nail productions and their distribution. We offer a very flexible way of working, from punctual support and consultancies to long-lasting engagements, all tailored to the need of the artist or the project at any moment in time.

arp: functions as an agency and supportive structure for independent art workers - artists, curators, administrators, constructors, communicators, translators, writers, runners and other indispensable people, that keep the artistic field alive and - together - span an incredible field of expertise.

arp: was founded as an independent, non-for profit organization by Katrien Reist and Julia Reist, two art workers with complementary expertise and experience. They understand arp: as a flexible, horizontal and expending collaboration between a broad diversity of cultural players.

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