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arp: is a research- and production platform that supports, develops and mediates artistic projects in close collaboration with artists and institutions. By mutualizing a broad diversity of skills and professional knowledge, we strive for sustainable practices and high quality productions, both for ourselves, the artists and the art institutions we work with.

arp: functions as an agency and supportive structure for independent art workers - artists, curators, administrators, constructors, communicators, translators, writers, runners and other indispensable people, that keep the artistic field alive and - together - span an incredible field of expertise.

arp: was founded as an independent, non-for profit organization by Katrien Reist and Julia Reist. They understand arp: as a flexible, horizontal and expending collaboration between a broad diversity of cultural players.





THURSDAY, 19 August, 

11h - 16h



@Atelier Bouwmeester Brussels

Ravensteingalerij 54-59, 1000 Brussel

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contact  // +32499320099


Julia Reist

Julia holds a master in Artistic Research and works in projects bridging research dance and performance. Since 2011, she works as a freelance researcher and art producer on a large range of (inter)national projects.
In close dialogue with the artists, Julia focuses on finding other methods and forms of working with and through artistic practices, to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and aware artistic working field. Close collaborations include amongst other 
Jija Sohn (NL/JP), Rossella Biscotti (NL/IT), Luanda Casella (BE/BR), David Weber Krebs (DE/BE), Nastio Mosquito (BE/AO), Philippine Hoegen (NL/BE), Sophia Rodriguez (VZ/BE), Benjamin Kahn (FR/BE), Effi&Amir (IL/BE).

Katrien Reist

Katrien is a Brussels-based, freelance curator, art producer/facilitator and personal coach to many individual artists world wide.

She was administrative director of Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp from 2008 to 2012 and co-founder of the artists run research platform Jubilee. Before coming to Belgium, Katrien lived in Switzerland, where  she worked as a visual arts curator and artistic director of various artists residency projects, a.o. PROGR Bern. Currently she is at interim at iMAL, Brussels


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